Client PraisE

“I have been working with Alla and her crew since I moved to my house 18 years ago. During all these years she has been a constant help, ready to attend to all my needs, providing good people to help on a regular basis in the summer months and on certain days of the week in winter to reassure me that the house is well taken care year around.

I trust her and I know that I can count on her in any circumstance.

According to my experience I certainly recommend her Company.”

Diana V., Water Mill, NY

We have been using Hamptons Superior Cleaning for more than 10 years. Our neighbor, who’s very discerning, recommended them so we figured they’d be great and they have been. To say they make my life easier would be an understatement – they change the quality of my life out here. I use them for so much – besides doing an amazing job at cleaning, they do the grocery shopping and stock the house for me before I come out to the Hamptons, they run errands, help set up, cook and clean-up for parties and barbecues. They are my one stop shop for everything I don’t want to spend time on when I’m out here. Most importantly, I trust them implicitly.

JB, Water Mill, NY

I have been a client of Hamptons Superior Cleaning services for 14 years. They are the most reliable trustworthy company. It has been a pleasure to know that every time I walked into my home it was sparkling clean and in perfect order. I highly recommend this cleaning service.

Debbie W., East Hampton

My wife and I have three boys, ages 5-14. Keeping the house in one piece, never mind clean, is always a challenge. Last year my wife left for an extended business trip leaving us to our own devices. With her imminent return we had to have the house professionally cleaned – on very short notice! Hamptons Superior Cleaning truly delivered!

We were so impressed with the quality of service and the rapid response time that we now have our home cleaned by HSC regularly. Highly recommend them!